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Suffice to say, a good dating site will not charge you a fee for each letter/email you send.An honest dating site will charge a flat rate subscription price, after which you can communicate with other users on the site as much as you want.Men and women alike are often paid to send letters and answer letters posing as a beautiful yet lonely lady from across the world.They earn money based on how long they can keep you sending letters (and thus racking up PPL fees). I cover this scam more thoroughly in our Scam School.And while it's inevitable that your heart may be exposed while pursuing a serious relationship, there's something you should never leave vulnerable: your wallet.A lot of people take their international search to the world wide web, and unfortunately they wind up on the wrong site and pay dearly for it (in terms of money and heartache). In this post we look at our top three picks for the best international dating sites.There's a lot of know how that goes into international dating.

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There's an entire industry built around the PPL model* *(if you're not hip to the the PPL (Pay Per Letter) scam you can read about it here).You should expect to find a mishmash of personality types and relational demands that you'd likely see in the real world.Some women will be very serious and want to look for a man to start a family. Some could be shy and not fill out all of their online profile.This means they will have systems in place to detect suspicious activity, as well as a system in place to help honest users report shady behavior.A positive sign that you've found an honest site is that the profiles look and feel authentic.

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