Intentional friendship dating

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They poured into our lives as singles and took us through months of formal and informal premarital counseling.I still remember the early morning chill as we walked to meet with one of them every Tuesday morning.() But our mentor’s input put us at a much better place to work out and navigate challenges.And that’s my desire and focus in this new place, to help you navigate the challenges of the the years through sharing thoughts and insights that have worked in my own life.Tommy paid bride-price for his girl too : ) The dowry/bride-price will be set to an impossible amount and cannot actually be paid in full.

My husband and I had the privilege and blessing of great mentors.

I am only in my 6th year of marriage so it’s no head knowledge either – I am walking it out daily!

I know I have many readers and subscribers that are older in marriage.

But, through it all, friends remain tried and true. The friends you choose don’t stick with you out of obligation; there’s no friendship license that you sign, and though they may feel like your brothers and sisters, you aren’t really bound by blood the way you are with your actual siblings.

So, what makes friendship so special that it defies legal and biological bonds to be some of the most meaningful relationships in life? Being an intentional friend and forging lasting friendships all come down to the intentional choices that you make each and every day.

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