Intelligent intimidating man woman weatherby serial number dating

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Instead, it's the findings of a new study, which suggests that men state their theoretical preference for intelligent women only to then change their minds in the cold light of the dating arena.

The study, which will be published in the November edition of ‘Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin’ but is already available to read online, concluded that rather than find smarter women attractive, men are actively intimidated by the prospect of an intelligent partner.

We need to know that we can have an intelligent conversation with him from time to time and that he actually gets what we’re talking about. A guy that neglects our emotional needs, talks in a demeaning way about women, or refuses to open up will never be relationship material for us.

We need someone with emotional intelligence, and this scares off guys who aren’t good with expressing their feelings.

We need diversity and mental stimulation to stay engaged with a date/in a relationship, and that’s not always something every guy can provide.

Moreover, a lot of guys want a girlfriend who doesn’t require lots of work on an emotional level. We can take care of ourselves and we make it known.

Our family and friends usually rely on us for our strength and independence and that’s what we’re used to.

We can crack him up, but we also need more than fart jokes or cheap gags to make us laugh.

Some guys don’t like that because it makes them feel like they’re not in control. We can go from sweet and sexy to kickass combat mode in a heartbeat, and when this happens, some guys don’t know what hit them.

Many guys hate that because it makes them feel like they’re not in control, and it also spoils the chase that many of them enjoy so much.

We want more than the bare minimum and we expect them to work for our attention.

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