Im dating someone how is language barrier 100 free chating site hu 2012

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Would you be upset if your Dutch partner called you a ‘little fart’ (a term of endearment in Dutch)?

Would you back off if your Spanish partner told you they loved you after a week?

Although it might be funny to think about a situation where talking to one’s lover is completely off the table, the idea of being unable to express your feelings or frustrations, or even make yourself understood about something, is not quite so funny.

In order to develop a relationship, it requires some sort of language.

Entering uncharted territory makes for an exhilarating adventure.

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Maybe you always dreamed of having a foreign lover whispering love phrases while gazing into your eyes, even if you didn´t understand what they said.Should it bother you if your Swiss date doesn’t hand out praise lightly, or if your French partner seems initially unattached?What about if your German partner is being too direct with you, or your Belgian date appears reserved?This is not about the ability to express love in different ways depending on the person’s love language, or the fact that men and women are said to speak different languages because they come from different planets, but the very real and discouraging issues that prevent a couple from expressing their feelings in their entire meaning, just because they don´t have a common native language.Even though you might not be using the same native language, you are in fact communicating, in one way or another.

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