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Director: Yoko Okumura A day in the life of an 8-year-old boy with obsessive compulsive tendencies and a rare disorder. Stars: Peter Mochrie, Ido Drent, Lee Donoghue, Natalie Medlock Maia and Yvonne have their farewells.

Rachel makes preparations to get the hospital through the strike. Stars: Peter Mochrie, Ido Drent, Lee Donoghue, Natalie Medlock Murray accuses Evan of lighting the fire deliberately. Jim ponders a future without surgery and reaches out to Jennifer.

Director: Simon Clentworth Tracey escapes, and Scotty hunts for her.

Chris, Rachael, Callum and Evan are trapped by the fire. Stars: Ari Boyland, Angela Bloomfield, Ido Drent, Lee Donoghue Shobna asks Yvonne again about the job proposal.

See full summary » Stars: Hannah Marie Hines, Michael Mealor, Kate Amundsen, Daheli Hall After securing a position at one of the top real estate agencies in Los Angeles, Laura finds herself with a wealthy client who has his sights set on her. The new acting director of nursing - Scotty's fill-in - arrives. Stars: Peter Mochrie, Michael Galvin, Ido Drent, Lee Donoghue Vasa justifies herself to Maxwell.

Finding it difficult to resist his charm, she struggles between relationship and job.

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