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A father of three, a husband of twenty-plus years, but on that afternoon, standing in that crowd it felt like I was the only one without company. You know, the guy at the party awkward and by himself, trying to break...Read On Added: | Category: Wife Lovers | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,231 | Tags: wife sharing | 20 Comments Reyanna’s husband catches her in a devious act with the milkman and teaches her a lesson.She wanted to share these pictures with everyone while she was showering.She wanted everyone to see what I saw while she posed ...I heard it, but it didn’t register when my husband came home unexpectedly and announced, “Honey, I’m home,” until he walked into the kitchen and found me naked on my knees milking the last of the milkman’s tasty cheese from the end of his cock. The milkman’s eyes were closed and he had a huge smile on his face. Read On Added: | Category: Wife Lovers | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 1,355 | Tags: humiliation filthy language spanking anal sex facial happy ending | 11 Comments Dave and Jill start learning new things about themselves and Dave faces a major decision.

Lynn and I are back for some more fun and we'd like to share it with you guys. I completed a project at work early and under budget and as a small bonus my company gave us the corporate condo ,which is located at a ski hill, for a free ... After looking at everyone's pictures, we were inspired to make our own contribution. One career option my guidance counselor never told me of is that of 'bodypainter ...Trouvez la femme infidèle parfaite à baiser maintenant ; des épouses coquines, des salopes bandantes et plus encore vous attendent !J'en avais assez d'entendre parler des autres femmes au foyer esseulées et je voulais faire quelques rencontres moi-même.It had been some time since we’d played, when my wife went on a hen night with work colleagues and I took off on a racing trip with John, one of... Read On Added: | Category: Wife Lovers | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,902 | Tags: housewife milkman seduction exhibitionism adultery kitchen sex oral | 17 Comments Jack comes home to discover his wife reveling in the aftermath of having sex with her lover.Read On Added: | Category: Wife Lovers | Avg Score: 4.92 | Words: 4,473 | Tags: group sex threesome wife small penis | 3 Comments A sexy story that brings the old folklore of the forgotten milkman back to existence. There is nothing I enjoy more than the freedom of being the woman that I am truly made to be.

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