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Priss can’t believe some of the things he says have to be changed.

He’s messing with her time, her money, and her rep, though she agrees to make the changes he requires.

Of course, that also requires a follow-up inspection.

When Prissy complains to me about how he treated her, I tell her to handle it, since I have no influence in this area.

I know you can’t help staring at my round plump cheeks.

Even when you’re kissing me, sucking on my nipples and touching my soft skin all you really want is my ass. That part of my body that is considered especially dirty.

The one annoying detail I don’t deal with is inspections.

Sexy stories, tantalizing tales, and lewd loveplay make for great scenarios too.You just made me so wet and I have this intense desire to kiss you even though your tongue was just in my ass.French kiss me deep and let me suck on your tongue as you wedge your body between my thighs.When he says they aren’t big enough, she says, “I’ll show you big enough!” She grabs his shoulders, pantses him, then bends him over a workbench.

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