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Couples who stay happy together understand the importance of going with the changing flow of any relationship. There’s so much we can learn from the people around us.We should not see intimate relationships any differently.Instruct your teen to brush her teeth every day before going to bed and after she wakes up. Following a good sleeping routine will help your teen stay fresh and fit.Encourage your teen to follow a bedtime routine that helps her relax due to: Practicing yoga exercises and meditation techniques every morning can help your teen stay active and lead a fit lifestyle.Yoga poses and meditation enhances the physical as well as the psychological health of the teens and helps them handle stress better than usual (5).[ Read: Meditation Techniques For Teens ]Teens tend to have an inclination to try smoking or alcohol.However, smoking and drinking alcohol frequently can affect their health adversely.Relationships are about growth, and sometimes we have to grow together.

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Even if it is just a phone call over lunch or an hour at the end of the day, make together-time happen.

Couples who stay together make an effort to listen to one another and share their feelings. Keeping some things to yourself about your relationship is key to keeping one another happy and emotionally healthy.

Learning from and teaching one another is one of the habits that happy couples must learn.

Don’t be afraid to admit your shortcomings – and don’t be afraid to allow your partner to show you the way!

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