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“The key is to find something that you have in common.” Often, however, discovering a shared interest requires getting past cultural differences.

Mc Bride helps teachers understand the cultural references of incoming freshmen.

Candelaria Silva-Collins found common ground with an older friend in her profession.

A 58-year-old writer and arts marketing professional in Boston, Silva-Collins attended social gatherings where she regularly encountered an older couple — a museum director and his wife.

Carrie Hadler was at a party in her adopted city of New Orleans when she started chatting with another guest.

Nussbaum, Ph D, a professor at Penn State who researches intergenerational communication.Each friend can offer the other something different based on their station in life.” The most important thing in cultivating an intergenerational friendship is to hold that friendship to the same standards as any other.“It doesn’t work to just walk into an assisted living center,” says Tom Mc Bride, an English professor at Beloit College in Wisconsin and coauthor of (Wiley, 2011).“There’s a beautiful reciprocity in these relationships,” says Irene S.Levine, creator of The Friendship Blog ( and author of (Overlook Press, 2009).

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