Finite element updating

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Correlation between numerical and experimental analysis using model updating techniques helps engineers to asses uncertainty.Present research efforts focus to combine finite element analysis and testing in one common framework.摘要: In this paper, two experimental techniques, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry and Stroboscopic Interferometry, and two different finite element analysis packages are used to measure or to analyze the frequencies and mode shapes of a micromachined, cross-shaped torsion structure.Four sets of modal data are compared and shown having a significant discrepancy in their frequency values, although their mode shapes are quite consistent.This corresponding relation is important for the modification of the local stiffness based on the macro-strain.The local and global parameters can be simultaneously updated.A detailed FE model of the footbridge has been performed and subsequently updated based on the experimental modal parameters of the structure.

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The safe life method was used to assess such damage.An evaluation of the best numerical riveted lap joint is carried out based on comparisons between the numerical model after updating and the experimental one.It is shown that the riveted lap joints composed by eight and twelve spring-damper elements per rivet have the best representation.Experimental and operational modal analysis and simulation make benefit from common databases.Some applications presented emphasize the advantages of these techniques.

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