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There are a few female-headed households in Mexico.

However, over 75% of women who are in the position of household authority are either widowed, separated or single for some other reason.

There is a general expectation placed upon Mexicans to be loyal and committed to their family by putting the interests of the family above their own.

Close-knit family relations provide Mexicans with a network of security and support, particularly in times of need.

Mexicans are generally very close with the extended relatives from all different generations. For example, it is not uncommon for someone to invite all their cousins to functions, or for grandparents to attend teenagers’ birthdays.In some traditional households, mothers will also answer to their adult sons.For example, it is still common for adult males to go back to their mother’s house at mealtime so she can feed him lunch or dinner.As a result of this generational difference, many Mexicans have over a dozen cousins (due to their parents’ generation having many siblings) while their own children only have a few.Children are not always expected to move out of home when they come of age.

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