Error updating ipaq tomtom maps post dating check

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OK folks which is the best Sat Nav, for a reasonable amount of cash say £100/£150, I know you can get some seemingly good buys on Amazon or possibly even better via a search engine on the web.Wouldn't mind so the much capital outlay, but wouldn't consider paying a subscription.

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, wherein said at least one category comprises at least one of community categorization, correction type categorization, source categorization, location categorization, language categorization, validity categorization, importance categorization, POI category categorization, priority categorization and map supplier categorization.I would advise you first of all, to connect the Tom Tom to the computer, and just leave it that way (it may be switched Off for the interval) for over 5 hours, to charge up completely.(The 'red hands' presumably mean 'hands off, dont move it or do anything with it', but I'm not sure.)After that, you may also be able to apply the update.(Because some updates to some devices cannot be applied unless the battery in the device registers as fully charged - in case a power interruption occurs, that would otherwise cause the update to be damagingly incomplete to the device's firmware.)That is the correct phone #--905(###) ###-#### The gps went through: custom scan, Rookit scan, update and install, loading, "No item available," update my one XL, "It is up to date," operate my navigation device and "No maps available" which seems to be its default mode.Hi, I have a Via 1435 that gave me the no map foun. On the 1435 the slot is hidden by the place where the power cord plugs in. 4 Guess what, My Direct drive software recognizes the card. On the top bar of thr Di Rect drive you see 3 topics, click either overview or my content (I forget which one) 6. It down loads the map to the computer and installs it on the3 gps. Got a hold of a tech rep from tomtom (in India) who knew how to fix this. THE REASON FOR THE NO MAPS FOUND IS THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MEMORY IN THE TOMTOM TO HOLD THE NEW MAP. The one that shows the updated map for your gps is the one you need.

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