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If you try sending many Java objects that RMI would happily serialize, you will be disappointed at how badly Axis fails.This is by design: if Axis copied RMI and serialized Java objects to byte streams, you would be stuck to a particular version of Java everywhere.SOAP is a mechanism for inter-application communication between systems written in arbitrary languages, across the Internet.SOAP usually exchanges messages over HTTP: the client POSTs a SOAP request, and receives either an HTTP success code and a SOAP response or an HTTP error code.

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For more details on using Axis, please see the user guide.

Open Source means that you get the source, but that there is no formal support organisation to help you when things go wrong. These messages exchange structured information between SOAP systems.

Messages consist of one or more SOAP elements inside an envelope, Headers and the SOAP Body.

If you code to the API, your programs will work with other implementations of the API, such as those by Sun and BEA.

Axis also provides extension features that in many ways extends the JAX-RPC API.

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