Emerge 2 config files etc need updating

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1) -app-emulation/qemu-kvm sdl # move app-emulation/qemu-kvm app-emulation/qemu app-emulation/qemu sdl So they changed the name. The Flash binary is GTK :2 and only works if linked with GTK :2, which "deprecated" causes.The default install links against GTK :3, which seems to be ABI-incompatable with Flash video (sound still works).Git pull in /usr/portage successful * IMPORTANT: config file '/etc/Network Manager/Network Manager.conf' needs updating.* See the CONFIGURATION FILES section of the emerge * man page to learn how to update config files.

There is no point in further elaborating the interactive merging here.

I saw something on the wiki about how certain errors can be ignored when installing, but I guess I should just read more. Furthermore nearly all (vanilla) kernel in the last 4 years worked fine at a hardened Gentoo.

I do follow the latest stable vanilla kernel from Greg Kroah-Hartmann since the Gr Security people decided to stop providing a kernel patch for free - there were no problems so far. Designed by Kyle Manna © 2003; Style derived from original sub Silver theme.

stores the differences between the configuration files as patches or by using the RCS revision system.

This means that if someone makes a mistake when updating a config file, the administrator can revert the file to the previous version at any time.

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