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With Pay Stand's drop-in payment gateway, BIIA Insurance was able to start accepting e Checks on their website within a week.Today, they are saving thousands of dollars per month on unnecessary transaction fees, and their customers appreciate the convenience of paying online.Only the fixed fee will be charged for each transaction.Recurring e Checks are a great way to receive regular payments on time and in full, as well as to offer amortized payments for big-ticket items or donations. Pay Stand e Check transactions perform instant funds verification on the source bank account before confirming the payment.The Pay Stand checkout will automatically calculate and display the amount they will save by paying with e Check.Your customers’ security and privacy are assured when they pay you with Pay Stand’s e Check checkout.Even better, Pay Stand will deposit the funds for you and save you a trip to the bank.

Learn the ins and outs of ACH and e Check transactions, how to accept them online, and how to steer your customers to more affordable online payments.

It leverages state-of-the-art cryptography and digital signatures to ensure the validity of each transaction.

The e Check framework is further protected by the long-established legal structure around checks.

Yes, automated recurring e Check payments are a unique feature of Pay Stand’s e Check support.

You can set up the recurring payment option when you turn on e Check payments in the Pay Stand dashboard to monthly or annual.

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