Drobo updating boot support partitions htc updating phonebook with facebook

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want to give bad information), and since search engines are likely to pick up on this article, I've amended this article to be as useful as possible for as many people as possible.As a result, several of the comments below may seem out of place.

There's a work-around, but it isn't a case of "it just works" at all, so you may want to avoid using your Drobo for Time Machine backups at all. A few days ago I reformatted my Drobo because it was acting up.

Until Time Machine backs up 1.2 TB of data, I'll have a little extra space to store files temporarily, but it's up to me to remember that.

After all, so far as the Finder knows, the disk is 16 TB in size.

The second disk I could use for temporary file storage or something, again taking care to stay below the 95% threshold.

This isn't the most practical of methods, and it's fairly limiting.

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