Dream dictionary dating friend

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You can use your dreams as a passing sort of entertainment, or you can elect to use them regularly as an aid to you in your journey through life.If you are seasoned at dream interpretation I know you heard this before... (groan) Lots of you do not like the idea of writing down everything you dream about, but unfortunately it is necessary.The method I am about to outline for you is perhaps one of the easiest and effective ways to remember and analyze your own dreams.As you follow this outline you will grow more effective in time, as practice increases your success rate rather dramatically.This takes some getting used to, and may disorient users of notebooks, but it is superior in this regard.

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You are not required to possess any psychic abilities, or prestigious degrees!These steps are the key to remembering your dreams, if you practice ALL the above, you WILL sooner or later start to remember them.(I am betting "sooner") Perhaps the most important thing about dream analysis, identifying the basic theme sets the tone for the interpretation. Here is an example: You have a dream of a beautiful hall with shinny marble floors and incredible works of art on the walls. There are flowers in the corner, and they are breathtaking.Dreams are a vehicle in which your mind communicates ideas, warnings and health issues. By using this technique and following a few simple rules, even the most stubborn "I never dream (grumble grumble)" types can do it.Just bear in mind that your own perceptions take precedence over any definitions in dream dictionaries.

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