Doc love and dating married women

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Some marriages are very one sided: one partner is clearly a bully, and the other partner dashes about in damage control mode.

However, many other unions are gradually taken apart by both members of the couple.

If you’re worried about your partner’s reactions and want the guidance of an experienced psychologist, couples counseling may be particularly effective.

Therapy could also cast your—or your partner’s—traits in a new light.

When you are married unhappily, difficult periods are often scattered with calmer intermissions.You never know: applying them to your love life could help you—and your spouse—find genuine bliss.Learn more on how to avoid divorce in our Marriage Counseling Guide.Alas—it’s true: marriage is not always a rose garden. On other occasions, your nuptial boat will sail over rougher waters.Here’s a nifty trick: if you expect those tough times, they won’t come as such a rotten shock.

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