Diego luna and romola garai dating

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She meets Javier Suarez (Diego Luna), a nice Cuban waiter about her age, and by her clumsiness gets him fired. Well, of course she finds Phelps a bore and Javier a nice and considerate friend, not nearly as sexually vibrant, by the way, as Swayze. She has to choose between the godawful official balls and the excitement at La Rosa Negra, the club where Javier and his friends hang out — a club not a million miles distant in function from the disco in “Saturday Night Fever.” Can this white-bread American princess learn rhythm?

Of course she can, with Javier wading with her into the ocean and teaching her to feel the motion of the waves and allow her body to sway with them, and to listen to the music as if it is the waves, while meanwhile perfecting choreography so complex and demanding that it would have had Rita Moreno, in her heyday, pleading for the Sloan’s Liniment.

The 35-year-old Hong Kong-born British actress, who is set to star in the BBC's hotly-anticipated adaptation of The Miniaturist this Christmas, says she was 'bullied' on the set of a Harvey Weinstein project that nearly led to her leaving the industry altogether.

She claims she was told to lose weight by producers and made to exercise during filming of Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, revealing: 'It was a traumatising experience that took years to unpick.'Romola - who has appeared in period dramas like Suffragette, Atonement and BBC's critically-acclaimed The Hour - most recently spoke out about feeling 'violated' by her the film mogual who has a string of allegations against him.

He also starred with Romola Garai in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and provides the Spanish language narration for the National Geographic Channel documentary Great Migrations.

She is courted by young James Phelps (Jonathan Jackson), son of a wealthier family.

Has anybody in the movies named Phelps ever been poor?

As he is so dashing and attractive, he had been through lots of dates and breakups till date.

We can follow him on Twitter @diegoluna to know him better.

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