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Well we're here to provide you with a shortcut to looking good!The confidence you will gain from having an updated wardrobe is very appealing to women and when feel good about yourself and how you look, you'll interact differently with women too.Here's my guide on what to wear for dating with 3 outfits suitable for various occasions: Categories: Dating, What to wear, Outfits Read full post Come on down and visit myself and dating industry experts at the UK Dating Fair for #National Singles Day on 11th March 2017.Seminars, workshops, complimentary profile shots and loads of prizes including my Styling Package for Singles. Categories: Dating, Valentine's Day Read full post The London Dating Club was introduced to me by Jon Sheard who I met recently.Plus read "5 Tips on Getting into the Dating Zone" by George Pirintzi.Categories: How To, Dating, What to wear, Grooming, Valentine's Day Read full post Does your dating wardrobe need refueling?!

Where Consider not only what tasks teams will perform, but the location at which they will perform them. Choose some that are busy, some that are quiet, some urban, some out in the countryside. Be prepared to ask around your social group to find out where people work, or where their friends work, these could be possible stopovers.She mentioned that many of the guys need help with what to wear on dates, and so I wrote this blog post for her on How to dress in Smart Casual for a date. And this is important - you're communicating non verbally to your date how you feel about yourself and how important the date is to you.Categories: Smart/Casual dressing, How To, Dating Read full post You've done the hard work online and your profile is looking great and yes..... It shows respect to the other person to dress well.Is it time to reassess, and steer your style in a different direction?The "Wardrobe Tune Up" is designed to have a thorough sort out of your clothes, and assess each item to see whether it's speed tracking you to dating success, and whether you are getting the maximum mileage from it. Categories: How To, Dating, What to wear, Grooming, Valentine's Day Read full post Wouldn't you like to feel like the best dressed guy at all the singles events you attend?

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