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3 Omerta/Eth Trish01-1 3 Omerta/Eth Trish04-1 3 Omerta/Eth [email protected]: I love the backdrop of the picture, breath taking. Well, enjoy my old couple pictures :luff: ) Beautiful girl Momoko Aizawa finally found a man. John and Terri discussing the possibility of expanding their family. & Clover Beckett Winter Festival romancing her fiance Wedding Festival Violetta, they look awesome [email protected]: No cookies for me but in that first pic she does not look interested :lol: @Keira Lou: lovely couple, I love Kenzie's hair. @stellarremnants: I love the differences in the photos, humuourous and serious. It was a rather passionate meeting, short term relationship before a rather quickly planned wedding. So cute :) are my little sweeties, Trina - the nerd and Claude - the french boy :) They have a lovely daughter named Gabrielle. Beatrice came on to my Sim, Thomas, by casting a love spell on him. After making them break it off immediately (he isn't even attracted to her, he's into her sister! He visited her house later that same day to apologize and get to know her better and he tried to console her: then she started arguing with him over her sister! Charlotte had just finished soccer practice and Corey had just gotten off work) NNacide77/couple2-1_zpse7e4fb06 NNacide77/[email protected]: Yes, please tell us the backstory here! " NNacide77/fawn2_zps833a1 NNacide77/fawn3_zps0c834ca5The proposal of Ciro Perry to Miriam Day :| after 2 kids (and about to be a third) the romance hasn't died between Taylor and Fawn. here they are after slicing the cake now in their formal clothes, with his two sisters in the background. and Bom aren't supposed to be a couple, actually--- but they looked much better than Bom and her current boyfriend (who she got together with against my will).

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Here is Rachel Keatts and Zhan Su: Random Legacy/Screenshot-316 Random Legacy/Screenshot-357Some pictures that didn't make it into my legacy story. N7Wj6312MM/Tsgnj Zr96x I/AAAAAAAACo M/5br7bt J2m Lk/s640/Screenshot-346 W4/Tsgnkb30-x I/AAAAAAAACo Q/caz T0Un EINA/s640/Screenshot-347Abbi Conrad and Caillou Roberts Bits19/Couple Pics1 Bits19/Couple Pics2 Bits19/71Talk about scandalous, Caillou is the husband of Abbi's gay Uncle. :lol: Well, after a rebound fling with Maurice, Amber managed to get Stewart back. L6h-Vs/Tt EYHz P-EWI/AAAAAAAACpw/BPr Kl K61Jc0/s800/Screenshot-382 M/Tt EYJOako EI/AAAAAAAACp0/0v4Ulj U_Gh I/s800/Screenshot-383 E_og/Tt EYKSShbc I/AAAAAAAACp4/Ed5g6G_ng-Y/s800/Screenshot-384 WFb T6u URo/Tt EYLJugl0I/AAAAAAAACp8/d H5AVm I7Og I/s800/Screenshot-385.jpg They were created with some custom content I downloaded. Dante-Lee apparently as she readily agreed to marry him, then again she's insane, the PJ's probably sealed the deal for her! There my sims made based off two characters in the kids show Victorious : P 3/tumblr_m84nuj97Jr1qm4zpko1_500 3/Screenshot-120-1Two pretty bad pictures of my two couples, haha.

protected]/8751100258/) 2d ( protected]/8751100258/) by tatygirl90 ( protected]/), on Flickr And this is his twin, Deborah, with her college lad, Kaz. face after their first kiss is adorable farmer sim Pete Marx & his new girlfriend Ellie Baker on their first date : PHere's my couple from Glen Harbor that first settled the town.

All four of them are living together at the moment until they can afford places of their own. protected]/8762492045/) Wedding Day ( protected]/8762492045/) by tatygirl90 ( protected]/), on Flickr Ash and Gabriela's Wedding Day has arrived. sim couple Harry and Susie My current household that I am absolutely loving! My sim, Poppy Herrerra, started dating Matteo Torres from Isla Paradiso. Meet Twelve year old Eli jankowsky and her twelve year old husband who both arrived in Glen Harbor in the summer of 1660 and there's a second couple living there I also play in that game.

time posting and first time making a picture of my Sims, here is My newest couple...... This is the Macnair main couple – the surname is from the Harry Potter series and their future children will probably marry into other families of the same source (perhaps with some well-known characters, who knows? : D Walter & Charlotte Macnair They're both evil, proper and snob, btw. with my Sim husband, "Leo Malone." just had a baby girl I named Elizabeth. More of Carlotta and Susie, because they just got married and I'm feeling emotional :lovestruc Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-938_zpscf3ba5b3( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-938_zpscf3ba5b3html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-689_zps730a1( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-689_zps730a1html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-897_zps1e24043( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-897_zps1e24043html) Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-988_zpsf7b7f508( Sims/TS3/Lobos/Screenshot-988_zpsf7b7f508html) This is when Marceline is still blonde dancing When they are still young :') Marceline's dog is in love?

And Walter probably thinks that telling a scary story is a very romantic idea. and Ariel 3/Screenshot-135_zpsfcd091 3/Screenshot-136_zps6a5a865 3/Screenshot-137_zpsaf469 3/Screenshot-138_zps33eed90 3/Screenshot-139_zps6d91d7 3/Screenshot-63_zps51ee4fa7 3/Screenshot-134_zpsb58bd268Richie and Carly 3/Screenshot-30_zps881c249 3/Screenshot-27_zpsc4f697a5Tanya & Symjole & Angelica & Trinity & Obi & Lisa & Chance & Calvin & Dede & Kane Maddox!! Constance pregnant with their first daughter :lovestruc So this is a lesbian couple I made, and honestly even without the CC, I feel like they're friggin' adorable together. So they ended up hooking up to fulfill a want that Maureen had.

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