Dating women very long hair

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However, when a man is shy and lacks social confidence, long hair can make him look like a bit of a loser or social outcast. Intelligent Long hair on a man is often associated with him being more of an intellectual, studious type of guy than an outdoorsy, hands-on kind of guy.

Obviously, there are always exceptions to every rule, but sporty guys who live an active lifestyle are less likely to have long hair simply because it gets in the way. Carefree Many guys have long hair for no reason other than it suits their lifestyle.

That said, in her mind, “this is not just because many of us believe that appearances are important, but also because our hair represents our personality, thoughts and beliefs.”But it also represents more, too.

You can still pick up fashionable women without wearing fashionable clothes, but it will make it that little bit harder for you.

If you lack self-confidence and are shy, nervous and generally awkward around women, then women are not going to be attracted to you regardless of how you style or cut your hair.

I can’t really say I’m surprised by these numbers, frankly.

Sure, the majority of dudes reported they prefer long-haired women.

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