Dating tips for visually impaired

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They’ll be a lot happier if you ask them to, say, just read all the pasta or burgers.

That, or use your speech software to look up the menu online ahead of time. We’ve talked about experiencing other things on dates, like going to concerts, and I think we’ll be doing that together soon.

" at something far out of my visual range and my response being all like, "What? " I'm not putting myself down when I say things like that, rather I'm accepting and embracing something that makes me who I am.

Going off of the last point, whether I'm joking (which I mostly am) when I say I can't see something or am 100 percent serious saying it chances are that I'm telling the truth.

The website would need to be designed to be readable by a large number of different screen readers.

If we get enough interest from people we may create a dating area on the Disabled World web site for the blind and visually impaired.

Some of my favorite words to hear are, "There aren't any stairs". This goes for friends as well as our significant others.

We go on dates a lot, and restaurants are very good about walking us to our seat, offering us Braille menus (if they have some), or reading off some of the selections. Narrow down your selection to a few categories –servers don’t appreciate having to read the entire menu!

The site would need to be mainly text only - with pictures kept to a minimum.

Profile pictures could still be posted so that a sighted person could describe how a person looked to someone with a vision impairment. Reference Title: "Dating Sites for the Blind", Source: Dating Sites for the Blind.

It's a struggle sometimes, sure, but as the French say "C'est la vie" or "Such is life".

If you make friends with a visually impaired person or choose to date one, be prepared for these things: I can't count how many times in a day I either think or say something that pokes fun at my lack of good vision.

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