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Outfitted with the Stiffel switch, this Stiffel patented design was produced on his pole lamps from the 1940s until he lost the use of his patent after a Supreme Court case in 1964.

The switch works by allowing you to grasp and gently pull down on the pole's shaft to turn the light on or off.

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Sadly, many people stop analyzing and thinking about the true lifetime value of what they are shopping for, and especially when it comes to lighting. Is there more to why The Stiffel Lamps Company has been made and treasured in America for over 80 years?

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Metals used include pewter, bronze, brass and silver.

Find online photos of Stiffel lamps to familiarize yourself with the look, feel and design of Stiffel lamps.

Examples of websites include Passion for the Past Antiques, Joseph Marc and e Bay (see Resources).

If it is original to the lamp, the Stiffel company often placed a small foil decal on the inside of the lampshade with the name "Stiffel" or "Stiffel Lamp Company.” If you can't find the foil decal on the shade or on the lamp's bottom, examine the light socket for the foil decal.

Many original Stiffel shades are made of silk shantung from China, a material not commonly in use by other lamp makers of the time.

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