Dating someone with cancer dating someone much younger

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granted, she doesn't have to spill it on the first date, but after a few dates, she should have told you, if it is a serious enough case that she could well die within the next year or so.If i started dating someone, i would certainly think that is something i needed to disclose soon enough that he didn't feel tricked into getting attached before dropping that bomb.However she has survived longer than normal, she is coping well with the treatment it seems.I know she is receiving top-notch care, and they say cancer is no longer the death sentence it use to be.But if you have an exceptionally strong feeling for her, it may be very well worth being with her, regardless of circumstances.So i would very seriously think about whether you are up for dealing with a long term/serious illness before deciding, since it is better to go now than wait and go if she gets much sicker or terminal.It's up to you, her and the powers to be to know which is the right choice. I have also been exceptionally busy at work, and have not had much time to evaluate things or hang out with her as much as I would like.I still feel like it is early in the dating, but she has expressed a desire for things to get more serious and I made the same statement.

If i were terminally ill and had only dated someone a few weeks, i would not expect them to commit to that journey unless they wanted to, and at the same time i would be angry if they made a shallow commitment to be there for me as a partner, then bailed out when the going got rough.

So I am optimistic that she still has a long time on this earth, but perhaps that optimism is out of my wanting to deny that I could lose her any time.

I want to give a relationship a try, and I feel there is a lot we could teach each other and that it would be rewarding experience for us both.

So if she doesn't want to feel alone, she can join the many, many support groups and services offered for cancer patients and survivors.

i also think it wasn't fair of this woman you are dating to wait until you'd dated 6 weeks before telling you.

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