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No man, to get off the island I was thinking of just letting you hold on by a rope or somethin’! There is nothing you need more in your life than a good surfboard, and it never hurts to have a few cans of shark repellant! Dustin- Well, Ms., first I would take out .00 and place it in a savings account where you would be earning interest. (cheers will go up in the audience) Host- Great questions and a few good answers.

Doleen- very disgusted says, “Thanks but NO THANKS! Cole- Well ma’am, first of all, I would drop EVERYTHING (looking back to Dustin) and second of all I would NOT for one instant drag you in the water! (Cole shows the example to the audience then the host takes it and shows it to Doleen who, of course, is very impressed) Doleen- Well done Bachelor #1! (holds up a fake can of shaving cream that has a circle with a shark crossed out) Doleen- rather nervously says, O. Next, I would lavish you with thee top of the line palm pilot with a built in calculator (shaking his head again, looking all proud of himself)! Now, Doleen, you have time for just one more question. (laughing and getting a kick out of his joke, maybe punching Dustin then Dustin grabbing his shoulder painfully) Doleen- No, No, No.

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Tonight our lovely bachelorette, Doleen (cub scout dresses as a girl) will choose one lucky bachelor.

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The ministry was founded by camp staff from Iowa and Wisconsin to originally create camp curriculum.

decorating a set, each bachelor dresses appropriately for their role as host, bachelorette (willing to dress as a girl), 3 bachelors -the star bachelor being the cub scout and the two losers a business man and surfer dude.

The Dating Game Host- “Welcome everyone to the Dating Game.

(Dustin turns off his palm pilot looking very proud of himself) Doleen acts very unimpressed and says, No thank you! Daniel: Well, little lady, this must be your lucky day.

To rescue you I would ride those wild waves onto your island on my trusty surfboard “Wild Rider”.

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