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Institutions are either set to close or to be changed into primary schools or high schools by 1 September 2019. General education can be pursued in general secondary schools (liceum): after three years, students can pass the "Matura", which grants access to higher education.

Upper secondary education begins at the end of full-time compulsory education, preparing students for entry directly into the and/or tertiary (i.e. Vocational and technical education is mainly provided by technical schools (technikum) and/or basic vocational schools (zasadnicza szkoła zawodowa).

Compulsory education in Poland starts at the age of six from the mandatory "0" reception class (Polish zerówka or klasa 0, literally Year 0).

At the age of seven kids start the 1st grade of primary school (Polish szkoła podstawowa) lasting for 8 (6 until 2017) years and finished with an exam.

Both end with a maturity exam (matura, similar to French baccalauréat), and may be followed by several forms of upper education, leading to Bachelor: licencjat or inżynier (the Polish Bologna Process first cycle qualification), Master: magister (the Polish Bologna Process second cycle qualification) and eventually Ph D: doktor (the Polish Bologna Process third cycle qualification).

The system of education in Poland allows for 22 years of continuous, uninterrupted schooling.

At the end of primary school, pupils write a compulsory national competence test.Depending on the subject, the final grade may be based on the result of a single exam, or on the student's performance during the whole semester.In the latter case, a point system is generally used rather than the 2–5 scale.In 2005/06, there were 49,200 students in schools for national minorities, most of them in German, Kashubian, Ukrainian and Belarusian language schools.Under the education reform introduced by Polish education minister Katarzyna Hall, students of Polish lower secondary schools had to learn two different foreign languages.

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