Dating pregnancy with late ovulation

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Hi ladies, I started tracking my cycles and ovulation a few months ago and they have pretty much been like clockwork - 26 day cycles.

The ovulation days have also been fairly consistent. I didn't ovulate until day 27/ 28 this month and currently I'm on day 33 of my cycle.

The things I did differently this month were I ate 5-6 Brazil nuts every day from suspected ov which supposedly helps implantation.

We have also been taking his n hers pre conception pregnacare & used conceive plus for the last 2 months having given up on preseed.

I'm not trying to discredit doctors (lord knows that enough women on this site think that a couple of hours on Google trumps years of medical training), but say for instance your GP decided to stick with LMP (knowing that your ovulation was actually a week later) but neglected to share this info with your OB.

Your OB then operates under the assumption that the EDD is somewhat accurate and (in the above scenario), talks about induction as you approach week 42 when you are really in week 40... Give them all the info- would like to hear what they use.

I have long cycles and with my second pregnancy didn't ovulate until day 30 something of my cycle!

Its the time between ovulation and when your period is due that needs to be long enough for implantation to occur (generally it's 14 days, give or take a couple of days).

Thanks Definitely still a chance of falling pregnant.By my lmp I am 5w 2d and by Ovulation I am 4w 1d no it is only a few and a few days difference. Either way, the chance of you giving birth on your EDD is statistically slim (around 5%)."average" cycles are 28 days meaning ovulation is around cd14. I was in a similar boat..when I ovulated and have a slightly longer cycle (34 days).I use midwives, so I can't say what OBs do, but my midwife asks for LMP as well as my average cycle length. Like the above post says, the more time they give you the better.You don't want to be induced early based on a miscalculated edd.

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