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Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that special person?

Speaking another language could revolutionize your love life! Learning how to say ‘love’ in Portuguese could be just what you need to find it.

It simply means that you like someone very, very much and think they’re amazing. Remember to be kind to the person you are going to say goodbye to; respect and sensitivity cost nothing. As long as you mean it, this can be a kind thing to say.

Or perhaps you were lucky, and have found your Portuguese partner already. Yet, a cross-cultural relationship comes with unique challenges.

Learning how to speak your lover’s language will greatly improve your communication and enhance the relationship.

Break-ups are usually hard for the receiving party, so don’t insult him/her with an insincere comment. This harsh line is sometimes the best one to use if you are struggling to get through to a stubborn, clingy lover who won’t accept your break up. Portuguese Pod101 is one of the best portals to help help make this a reality, so don’t hesitate to enroll now!

Let’s quickly look at the reasons why falling in love will speed up your learning of the Portuguese language.

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