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Most of the territories were detached during the 19 Century to form separate British colonies and other states and territories of Australia.The national capital of Sidney is in a national enclave (not unlike Washington DC in the US).The volcano has been named Focal Peak and dates around 23 Ma.The eastern flank of the volcano is marked by the Albert Basalt, thickest basalt at 440 m thick.Image courtesy Queensland Government Parks and Forests. Bunya and Main Range Main range includes Bunya Mountains in a belt close and parallel to the Great Divide.https://au/parks/glass-house-mountains/Glass Houses (Glasshouse Mountains) Glass Houses are a group of dome-shaped hills rising from the coastal plains north of Brisbane. Volcanic rocks cover 4,900 km2 with an estimated 1,000 km3 magmas erupted.Original size of the state was over half of the Australian mainland.

Much of it positively ancient, though with the caveat that activity is generally younger the farther south you go in NSW.The volcano contains rhyolitic and trachytic domes.Erosion has uncovered numerous plugs, dikes, and domes of the plumbing system. The Bunya Mountains are the eroded remains of a basalt shield volcano, maximum diameter of 60 km. Drilling has identified a sequence of basalts up to 300 m thick.Lavas in the Bundaberg, Gin Gin and Childers fields were erupted in six short periods of volcanic activity starting 60 Ma.Composition of the erupted lavas changed over time.

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