Dating he in interested sign

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It’s natural for you to make excuses for the bad behaviors of people you are into. Love is truly blind, so you need to be fully aware of the subtle and in-your-face factors that are telling you straight up your man just isn’t interested in you.To save face, here are a few signals your guy isn’t interested in you anymore.If that’s the case, you need to cut the strings and find the guy you deserve. Nobody wants someone to say they love you but aren’t in love with you. Another angle on this one is he might tell you he’s just not ready for a relationship and that it’s got nothing to do with you but he’s just not the right guy for you. If you are hearing any of the above, it is a clear sign he’s not interested anymore.Trust is crazy important in any relationship, so if you even suspect your guy is sleeping around, you need to take that as an in-your-face signal he’s not into you anymore.Sure, it hurts, but you are best to move onto a man who deserves and wants your attention.When a man shows you little or no efforts to work on your relationship he is telling you his feelings for you are dwindling or gone. When a man tells you one day he’s totally into you and the next day, says he’s not really sure, you need to take this as a strong indicator he’s not interested in you anymore.Relationships are give and take, and if he’s not interested in your day or the things that make you happy, you should move on.Newsflash: Your man should want to know everything about you.

This is one you just need to skip past and move on because you deserve better.

Everyone deserves to be loved and cherished, including you.

Sure, according to the experts, sex is very important in any relationship. If he’s only interested in you when the two of you are getting hot and heavy, then you need to give your head a shake and consider the fact he’s probably only using you for sex.

Have a talk with him and see if he feels the same way as you do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are friends with someone or romantically involved, you should always treat each other with love and respect.

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