Dating gbd

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Note: The information presented on this page is the sum total of my knowledge about the subject ( sad isn't it? I am not connected to GBD in anyway except for having a few of their pipes...

:-) I am interested in buying older GBDs at reasonable prices, specifically any of the Bulldog or Rhodesian shapes.

Bill Unger, who is sec'y of the NASPC is a great source for GBD info, as the central Ohio are is a good place to turn up GBDs.

Joe Ziev was a pioneer in mail order, having a mailing list worldwide of more than 10,000 names, so GBDs at least during his time, were widely sold, but many many are still in Ohio.

Note: Information on specific GBD shapes may be found here on Pipedia at GBD Shapes/Numbers or in it's original form at: refers to the lucite/acrylic bit material GBD used, the clear bits used on various models are Perspex.

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Hopefully you will be able to use this in the chart. On the left side, there's the GBD logo by the side of the word "CHEVREUSE", both carved.Here's his list in probable descending order of grade: Mike got his information from GBD catalogs 1976 to 1980. (The shops bearing that name in Columbus today are pale imitations; Joe sold out in the 80's to two architects who ran the business into the ground and sold the name to two other persons).I personally have in my collection three beautiful Pedigrees, a bent, a bulldog, and a prince. I also have an interesting Prodigy Sandflame, half bent tan sandblast free form with plateau top. SH carried about 5,000 pipes in stock, and many of the odd shapes GBD made were done for Smoker's Haven.In 1903 an additional factory was built in England and ran by Oppenheimer. Since 1981 the majority of GBD pipes come from the English factory.At about that same time GBD merged with Comoys, since then all production for both GBD and Comoy comes from a single factory. ) More history and addition information can be read in the main GBD article.

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