Dating forties fifties

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Whenever sex comes up as a topic, most relate to 20-somethings enjoying a night of passion or a stable, sexual relationship. Just because the grey hairs have started sneaking through, doesn't mean it's time to pack-up the raunchy underwear and forget sex forever.We take a look at seven top reasons why sex in your 50s is one of the best and most satisfying eras of your life.Without further ado, here are just a few reasons the fifties rock. Instead of spending time and energy sorting through the overwhelming information onslaught that is modern human existence, those of us in our fifties (and beyond) can spend time enjoying the things we’ve figured out we like and skipping all the stuff we know we don’t.You see, we’re all gonna die, sooner than we think. No more time wasted on substandard chocolate, cheap booze, or poorly cooked steak.Unlike your worry-filled 20s, in your 50s you're free and easy, oozing confidence.Self-Pleasure: Pre-heating your own oven is no longer a taboo subject.It’s just that you young whippersnappers are still in denial about it. Everything they say about the wisdom of years is true. By the time you’re 50, you have either learned to cook the steak the way you like it or have enough money to go out and order it to your specifications.

Self confidence: When you hit your 50s you've had five long decades to come to terms with how you look, feel and what's been in your past.Because you’re in your fifties, the standards are lower than they used to be, and less is more. In fact, the older you get, the more ridiculous an overdone hairstyle, too-heavy makeup, and an excessively flashy outfit can become.You can cut the time spent on all of them and give it to all those things you’ve finally figured out you really like (see No. Simply by virtue of your age, you get more respect.When you decide to weigh in on a topic, people listen a little more closely than they used to. Research suggests it is not until our fifties that our personalities reach their most stable level of development.Your restaurant waiter calls you “Sir,” and the checkout girl offers to have your groceries loaded in your car for you. Ironically, at the same time that you are becoming more aware of the dwindling nature of your remaining lifespan, there is more time in the individual days: time to smell all those flowers you have spent the last 30 years ignoring; time to reconnect with friends and family members who, like you, have been too busy living their own lives and raising their own families to sit and chew the fat with you; time to start making and checking off lists of the books you haven’t read, the movies you haven’t seen, the places you haven’t been and still want to go. In other words, not only are we smarter and more experienced in our fifties, we’re less inclined to act like jerks.

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