Dating for the celiac

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With any luck, you’ll run across the right person sooner rather than later and with these tips, you can make it through the dating process even with celiac disease.

Before she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, Pia Strobel never thought she’d be so scared of breadcrumbs on the counter, so afraid of putting a knife down in the kitchen, or so thrilled to fall in love with someone who felt exactly the same way.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the dating world and your disease at the same time.

Don’t feel bad about having the disease–it’s not your fault.

Even though you likely don’t want it to be the case, celiac disease is a big part of your life.

As you are chatting and getting to know one another, include a brief description of the ailment and what it means.

Instead of feeling embarrassed about the questions you have to ask, call the restaurant ahead of time and check things out.

Then, when you arrive, you’ll know what you can and cannot order and how to ask for certain things to get them in the right manner.

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