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Now that I’ve had a few days to mediate on it, I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure. — God, in Her divine wisdom, could not have prepared me for the Megan Thee Stallion–Nicki Minaj collab.

Alongside Ty Dolla Sign, they’ve flipped City Girls’ “Act Up” into the song of the summer.

The thought of being that reckless gives me hives, but there’s something to be said about feeling so strongly about things with a sense of urgency. Meanwhile, the boys look like they ambushed a Depop store.

I haven’t listened to Cashmere Cat in what has surely been years, but this single reminded me why I was drawn to his music way back when I was in college, how it made me want to escape to the nearest dance floor for a few hours of peace in motion. Styles and flows pop up, get imitated, and then disappear before we even have time to decide if they’re played out or not. Brockhampton, “I Been Born Again” Even when Brockhampton makes low-key or overwhelmingly dark tracks, the rap group that has decided to call themselves a boy band tends to lean cartoony.

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The Big Moon are typically a twangy-based indie fourpiece from London.It’s all brash, ebullient fun, the kind of music to keep on repeat, to play during the pregame, to make you blush on your way into work Monday morning. ” Send my regards to every boy I’m not texting back: Meg and Nicki said it’s a hot girl summer! This is a time to cry and mourn and feel the exhaustion, but to also channel the pain into action.(Also: the incredible generosity of this trio to release it on my birthday. ) The Hot Girl Summer gospel has gone global — coffee shops in Williamsburg have etched it on their chalkboards to be cute — but this record is a welcome reminder of the movement’s roots: “I can’t read your mind, gotta say that shit,” Meg raps. – If you’ve spent the past week shell-shocked and emotionally battered by the country’s continued descent into terroristic gun-toting madness … Lana Del Rey took a flight back from Montecito, phoned her producer Jack Antonoff, and immediately hit the studio to process her feelings about the multiple massacres over the weekend. This week has certainly kept the music scribes busy. Blink, and all of a sudden Taylor Swift’s got another track. The Porches’ influence is so strong on this one, there’s truly nothing anyone could tell me to change my mind!Rub your eyes for even just one second and then reopen them to find out that Missy freakin’ Elliott has released a whole mixtape into the world. I dare to ask this question for the room: When is the last time that someone told you, “All I want is to be near you”?

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