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Once you get towards Tower 12, the crowds disperse because of their inability to climb the Great Wall.It does require physical fitness because of the steep inclines.Here are 10 Things I Learned From My Recent Trip to Beijing China. The Bejing Airport Express is the best way to get from PEK Airport into the city – As you may know, I dislike taking taxis from the airport because of the taxi cab mafia.I heard Beijing is notorious for taxi scammers with counterfeit 100RMB and 50RMB notes and they will long-haul you around the chaotic ring roads.It’s better than being stuck in the infamous Beijing traffic on the ring roads which can take up to 3 hours by car.

With such a diverse array of musical backgrounds and cultures, the Hot Club of Beijing offers a truly unique sound whether it's hard swinging jazz, hot latin rhythms, fiery gypsy waltzes or elegant ballads. There were also pimps standing outside of the Sheraton Great Wall hotel soliciting escorts to come to my hotel room.He whipped out his phone’s calculator and asked me for 800 Chinese Yuan ~ 9.03 USD for a girl to come up to my room for sex and then quickly lowered the price to 600RMB ~ .77 USD.I found quite a few of them unexpectedly while walking in Beijing at 4am in the morning.You might ask what I was doing at 4am in Beijing, but I was walking to the metro station from my hotel since I needed to get to a specific line and the Beijing subway station doesn’t open until 5am.

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