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We would “reverse roles” in another conversation all for the sake of understanding one another more.When we reached a standoff in understanding, we shared articles written by other people from our viewpoints.

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He thinks we’re seeing each other, I think we’re dating: Communication Fail. We’re both on the same page, just uh, looking at different words? So I gave this stupid syntax wayyyyy more thought than it ever deserved. We realized that what bonded us was not the details, but the big picture.We may disagree on what the “feelings” are called, but the important thing is that we both feel them and can express them safely and comfortable to each other.3.My belief systems evolved because of my partner — but notme.It was a gradual independent process that happened because I opened a door for him, but he stepped through the door himself.

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    Don’t stop the bleeding It’s my way of seeing Just how far I can go It’s always on the other side Sometimes you gotta hurt just to feel alright If you don’t try, you don’t know I see people waking around with… Truth has its ways of becoming a lie Usually takes just a small bit of time So take what they say and tear it apart Wander the world trusting your heart You can lie to me, cause it’s the same as the truth But smile… (Pointing out what she did was wrong NOT included - specifically those that attacked her) I never claimed to be an angel In fact I thought I was clear I’ve got the devil on my shoulder And I like what I hear You can hold me accountable But don’t hold your breath If you’re looking to me for an apology…

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