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Naturally, a few issues came up.“First of all, he’d be a hung over mess every Sunday,” says Mallory.“It was impossible to get him on the phone, never mind keep our regular Sunday breakfast date.She was always very strict while I was growing up, and there she was running around with someone who was barely out of his teens.” More than once, Cara threatened not to talk to her mom anymore unless she started dating men her own age.Seeing a parent date young may impact your own choice of relationships.Moms and dads are human beings, too, and as may struggle following a stressful life event, like a divorce, which can often bring out the “teenager” in your parent and leave them wanting to feel loved, lusted after, youthful.Re-entering the dating scene may be frightening, and many men and women turn to younger partners because they see them less threatening—and less risky.Their mother-daughter nights out would often devolve into Kathryn drinking heavily and making out with random guys. “I felt she was wasting her time with me,” she said.

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On one episode of reality show “My Mom is Obsessed,” teen Chelsea complained about the fact that her 48-year-old mother, Kathryn, dates much younger men.

She was jealous, in a way, of all the fun he was having, and uncomfortably aware of her own passing youth.

When a man her father’s age wanted to date girls younger than she, what did it mean for her own prospects? She became more self-conscious of her appearance both when she was around her father and when she wasn’t.

Chances are they’ve been hurt before, and through their younger partners are seeking the same things everyone’s seeking: respect, love, a chance to feel good about themselves. is a research psychologist, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Weill Medical College, Cornell University and author of two books about modern families and the children they produce.

Go into the conversation with that understanding, and chances are you’ll emerge with a better understanding of your parent—if not a promise to stay out of your dating pool. Follow Peggy on This whole column is devoted to the gut feelings of "not right-ness" of a parent's May-December romance, until you suddenly do an about-face and tell adult kids to essentially suck it up and give blessing to the folly they see unfolding. I have the authority to say this because I was one of these sweet young things, that married a man twenty-nine years older than me. The May-December relationship, if it lasts (and I was foolish enough to move heaven and earth to make this work over the years) is only half a life.

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