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Freud's ideas influenced thought on parent-child relationships for decades.

For most of the late nineteenth through the twentieth century, the perception of adolescent-parent relationships was that of a time of upheaval. Stanley Hall popularized the “Sturm und drang”, or storm and stress, model of adolescence.

Older women in particular face social, demographic, and personal barriers; men aged 65 and older are nearly twice as likely as women to be married, and widowers are nearly three times as likely to be dating 18 months following their partner's loss compared to widows.

The term significant other gained popularity during the 1990s, reflecting the growing acceptance of 'non-heteronormative' relationships.

As emerging adults mature, they begin to develop attachment and caring qualities in their relationships, including love, bonding, security, and support for partners.

Earlier relationships also tend to be shorter and exhibit greater involvement with social networks.

Like living organisms, relationships have a beginning, a lifespan, and an end.Psychological research has painted a much tamer picture.Although adolescents are more risk-seeking, and emerging adults have higher suicide rates, they are largely less volatile and have much better relationships with their parents than this Early adolescence often marks a decline in parent-child relationship quality, which then re-stabilizes through adolescence, and relationships are sometimes better in late adolescence than prior to its onset.Cohabiting relationships continue to rise, with many partners considering cohabitation to be nearly as serious as, or a substitute for, marriage.LGBT, on the other hand, face unique challenges in establishing and maintaining intimate relationships.

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