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My husband passed away suddenly just over two years.

If you are dating or planning to marry a widow or widower, here are some suggestions and thoughts to consider.

My DP and I haven't been widowed, but we're both aware that we've been given a second chance, and we value and appreciate that. Can I change that, Lelly, to "The RIGHT men aren't put off" please? Others only want to date women with kids as they have DC themselves and think it's harder for childfree women to understand that their DC are their top priority.

You can be a perfectly GOOD man but not want to be involved with someone with three children (perhaps because you already have three of your own to cope with), just as the OP might not want to date a guy with three children. It's similar with the fact that you're widowed rather than divorced (so sorry you lost your DH I did too, coming up on 3 years ago, and recently married the second love of my life) - some men might worry about always being compared, or worry about supporting you through ongoing grief.

This is where I stand, as I consider dating once again. Gabriel developed epilepsy from a traumatic brain injury he sustained after being hit by a drunk driver 10 years prior, and he died from something known as Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). He was a minister of music, a gifted singer, drummer and pianist; I am a Christian minister, and was the guest preacher.

It was two days after our third wedding anniversary. He told me he knew I was the one after he heard me preach. I will never forget the way he smiled at me from behind the church organ.

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