Dating a celebrity guy

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When we see them as frequently as we do, we reach a point where we subconsciously blur the line between fantasy and reality.We forget they’re doing their job and putting on a well-liked persona to appeal to the masses.Whatever the rich and famous show us on social media is exactly what they want us to see.None of it is coincidental; their careers depend on early twenties, I had a short-lived fling with a famous actor.I had admired him for years in his role as the sweet, sensitive boyfriend on one of my favorite TV shows. None of my girlfriends ever thought he was funny, but I didn’t care. They all insisted on staying home, saying, “I don’t think he’s that funny.

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How could I have known that starting a relationship with my celebrity crush would not be healthy in any way, shape, or form?

At other times, I recognized his bad behavior, like rude comments or lazy efforts to see me, but I always made excuses for him.

I felt lucky that he wanted to spend time with me at all., I think when I look back now. Me and every other girl he was seeing across the country.

Sure, my crush could’ve agreed to a picture to make him happy, but he shouldn’t have to. And this man embarrassed himself because he didn’t get his way.

Things like that happened often; people demanded pictures or attention, and when they didn’t get it, they’d act childish and rude.

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