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After the soldiers killed her husband and sons, five of them held her down and forced her to watch as three others raped her 10-year-old daughter. When the men were done, Mary says, “I couldn’t even see my little girl anymore. The conflict raged on, and soldiers—she’s not even sure from which army—were able to slip in to the camp through gaps in the fence and rape whichever women they could catch.I could only see blood.” Then the men took turns with Mary. “I wanted to die too.” Kanyere Neema, 7, with her grandmother, Ndahondi Domina, 53, in the Heal Africa hospital in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dec. Two years prior, Kanyere’s village of Ishasha was attacked by armed men, and her parents were killed in front of her. “It happened to all of us: little girls, grandmothers.

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It leaves unwanted children who serve as constant reminders of the worst day of their mother’s life. agency tasked with issues of women’s equality, protection and empowerment.

But if you resist, they will beat you, even so much to use the gun in you.” Rape in war is as old as war itself.

But the intimate nature of sexual assault means that the horrors often go undocumented, sanitized out of history books and glossed over in news accounts that focus on casualties and refugee numbers.

It can be harmful to the mental, physical, and social health of those suffering from it.

Cheer Up the Lonely Day aims to spread awareness about the damaging effects of loneliness and asks for people to give some of their time to bring happiness and cheer into the lives of those who may be lonely.

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