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I also watched my parents who had worked so hard to get out of debt and make it work as a one-paycheck, large family, get back in debt so he could afford a good lawyer.

Believe me this made me angrier than any story from a Red Pill stranger will make you. Even issues much much bigger than what happened with Jonathan and Sarah.

I do think both people have a responsiblility here.

Had I attempted to seduce Tobias prior to marriage, he would have had the responsibility to turn me down.

Of course, most women will have it easier so they are less likely to slip up and should take that role seriously. What that help looks like will be different for each couple Sarah here has a harder burden than I did but is part of what she must deal with if she wants to marry Jonathan.

This is why we need to be careful about laying strict, absolute practices.Yes, some girls make false rape accusations and will claim that other things that did not happen, did.Refusing to recognize that something did actually happen is not the answer to that problem. Please believe me when I say that I know that it does not take a guilty verdict to hurt a man.Based on the responses I got, that does not look like what either of you are advocating and I appreciate and respect that.If by gatekeeping you mean that a woman has an obligation to turn down the occasional slip-up, should remove his hand from a sexual body part, and should do all in her power to remove temptation dressing modestly, avoiding triggers, and not making her own advances are all things I have mentioned previously , than I have absolutely no problem with that and I think we should teach our daughters that.

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