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I'm not asking for a Black Widow rom-com like Saturday Night Live so brilliantly parodied. But if there has to be a clear relationship formed between Natasha and Bruce, there should be an explanation as to why.Also, we should just get a standalone Black Widow film already, amirite?Their working relationship became so strong that Matt even broke up with Karen Page to be with Natasha.The two decided to move to San Francisco to start fighting crime there as vigilantes together.However, during their run as a crime-fighting duo, Natasha started to feel as though Matt didn't take her skills into consideration and even did not think of her as an equal.She decided to leave him but to stay in California to join a new team, which included a few former X-Men. Currently supports Good Reads, Google Books and Library Thing Access key for Good Reads Lazy Librarian is supplied with a default goodreads api key which is read-only, and gives access to search functions.

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You can then obtain your goodreads o Auth token/secret to get write access to your goodreads account.Afterwards, Lupita took to her Instagram to reveal her disguise and share a hilarious video of her antics at the convention. Avengers: Age of Ultron is well on its way to crushing box office stats and records.The actors were asked what they thought about fans 'shipping the Black Widow — aka Natasha — with many of the other Avengers.In response, the actors jokingly called her a "slut" and a "whore." While the jokes and name-calling are pretty stupid and have (rightfully) outraged many fans, there is one point that needs to be brought up about this whole mess: Black Widow's love life. In the comics, Black Widow has in fact had her fair share of romances from Hercules to Daredevil.

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