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If you don’t have an automobile policy, you would then claim from the insurer of the car you were in at the time of the injury. The automobile policy has a “waiver of depreciation” coverage available.This coverage would remove the right to deduct depreciation from the value of your automobile when settling a claim for loss or damage.• Exchange information with other driver(s) including name, phone number, driver’s licence and plate number, as well as insurance information.

As part of the Ontario policy, you agree to inform us of any incident involving the automobile that must be reported to the police under the Highway Traffic Act or for which you intend to make a claim under the policy.

Here are some helpful tips on what to do in case of an accident: • Stay calm.

• Check for injuries and determine the extent of damage.

The automobile insurance plan in Ontario provides a priority of payment rule.

Under the priority, you would claim medical bills from your own automobile insurance policy first.

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