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Different manufacturing guidelines will recommend different application times and frequency, so it is important to know the device you are using, contact the manufacturer or use the device under a qualified veterinarian or veterinary physiotherapist.When applying PEMF for chronic swelling it is important to activate the pre-capillary sphincters (these allow the blood vessels to open) and allow blood flow to remove the toxins and interstitial fluid that has been sat surrounding a joint or muscle following trauma or injury.Another theory is that the magnetic field increases the threshold and ability of the C-fibres (that transmit pain signals) therefore allowing the body to function more efficiently without the disruption of pain.Pulsed magnets have an electric charge passed through the magnet to create a ‘pulse’ within the magnetic spiralled coil present in the device.There are many factors involved in success such as modality settings, subjects/animals used and the frequency of application- all of which, if altered may actually produce significant differences and therefore accept claims that they do improve clinical symptoms.Lack of conclusive results can be due to several reasons, from the methodological quality of the studies, the various settings often used in devices, non- significant improvements in recovery or the fact that magnetic therapy is often not marketed as a treatment but a preventative, co-existing form of therapy.If you are curious about the more technical aspects of this hobby, take a look at our hardware glossary to demystify some of the more complex jargon.A videophone is a telephone with a video display, capable of simultaneous video and audio for communication between people in real-time.

When considering clinical trial evidence, it is important to not completely discount a certain form of therapy that has not produced improvements on one occasion.First off, you'll want one that is capable of streaming at the highest resolution for the lowest price so you can get value and the most out of your budget.The next big question to answer, particularly for newcomers, is how to determine what makes a card one of the best capture cards?There are several contraindications for the use of magnetic fields in patients who are fitted with a pacemaker as the magnetic field can potentially disrupt the rhythm of the pacemaker, this is relevant both to the pet being treated and the pet owner who may be in close proximity to the animal when application takes place.It is also important not to use it in patients with cancer or those that are pregnant.

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