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Greenland sharks (retain their developing embryos within their bodies for the usual gestation period before giving birth to life young, which are 0.4 meters long on average.These anomalous sharks have recently become a point of intrigue for scientists.

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In context, if more carbon-14 is being produced now than in the past, the sharks will seem older than they actually are.Therefore, every plant and animal at any one time will contain the same ratio of carbon 14 to carbon 12 as the atmosphere.Carbon 14 radioactively decays into nitrogen constantly because it is an unstable isotope; however, because living things are constantly taking in carbon 14 the decay does not lower the internal amount of carbon 14.I wrote this essay as a chemistry homework and thought it was worth logging on this blog.It is not as long as my other posts as the word limit meant I could not research the interesting areas of the shark study and write about them, like I would normally.

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