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At the same time, it showed how people react to being submitted to authority and how they act under pressure.

All the participants were aware they were being observed, just like everyone who logs into knows that if they type in chat or cam up, their actions are being observed by other people.

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Biomedical human experiments are subject to ethical considerations and I am certainly not equating anything that goes on to such experiments. Zimbardo did with the Stanford Prison experiment showed how ordinary people can get carried away with power and become monsters.THE WHOLE CONSPIRACY THING DIED OUT WHEN I FIGURED OUT ONE VERY CRUCIAL DETAIL THAT I HAD BEEN WONDERING ABOUT FOR A LONG TIME.SO NOW IT'S BASICALLY ALL ABOUT HOW I SEE BATTLECAM AND NOTHING MORE.Camwhores are women who take their clothes off and masturbate on camera for money or otherwise.Camwhores do public displays of sexual activity such as showing genitals and breasts in a sexual manner.

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