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In 1850 three gentlemen got together in Paris to establish a firm dedicated to the fabrication of Meerschaum pipes – a courageous step in politically restless times.

Ganneval probably came from the area of Saint-Claude where he had learned making wooden pipes.

But toward the end of the 19th century, the demand changed.

For example the Britons preferred darker stainings.

At that time the prices for pipes were primarily diversified by the materials used for the stems and their extansions and the number and the styling of silver or gold bandages.

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GBD Xtra and GBD Special were very early models who’s names indicated special final treatments and / or fitments. At the end of the 19th century GBD offered 1,500 models(! (Please note however, that the same shape offered with three different materials for the stems was counted thrice! Charles Oppenheimer had founded this successful trade business in 1860 as an import-/export house. Merging them a huge plant came into being that was thoroughly reconstructed and reorganized. This new Saint-Claude factory was ready to operate in 1906.A distinguishing mark of the GBDs were the slim shanks.Early GBDs were made only in one single grade concerning the wood’s quality, later supplemented by a second one, and there was only a very limited number of finishes.Many of them displayed a "hoof" to allow the pipe to sit on plain surfaces.These program formed the kernel of GBD's splendid presentation at the Amsterdam World's Fair 1888.

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