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However, the rules and conditions for claiming benefits in this situation are complicated and you would be advised to seek advice in relation to making your claim.

Non-EEA citizens are not entitled to access public funds, including benefits.

To qualify for JSA, you (and your partner) must usually work less than 24 hours a week and must have £16,000 or less in savings. You do not need to provide a reason for making your claim later than you could have done.

However, at this stage you may be entitled to other benefits instead. To be eligible you must be over 16 and ordinarily live in the UK.You will have to explain why you are claiming backdated Jobseekers’ Allowance on your claim form. In certain circumstances, you may face a civil penalty or prosecution if you knowingly took benefits you were not entitled to.If the benefit provider has made a mistake in calculating your entitlement, they will usually get in touch with you to inform you of this.These decisions have to be accepted by the Jobcentre Plus, and you will not get any backdated benefit just because you did not know that you could make a claim, or you put off doing so.If your reasons for a late claim are accepted, your Jobseekers’ Allowance may be backdated by a maximum of three months, depending on the reason you failed to claim earlier, and provided you met the entitlement conditions throughout the period of backdating. If you know, or believe, that you have been overpaid benefits, or if your circumstances change, you have a duty to tell the provider of your benefits (generally the Jobcentre Plus).

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